Sascha Selke

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Robert and Sascha
Sascha in the Live Room
View from the Control Room
Sascha at the Organ

Composer | Orchestrator | Performer (piano) | Music Producer

1967 Born in Hardheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
1972 Family moves to Salzburg, Austria
1986–1992 Studies Philosophy, Musicology and Art History at the University of Salzburg
1987–1988 Member of the “Mozarteum Chor Salzburg”
1992 Graduates with distinction in all fields
1992–1994 Teaches various classes in musicology at the University of Salzburg 

1992 Musicological advisor for

2003 Composer and orchestrator for film music

Composer for Science Communication and “self-constructing music”

Film Festivals

Sascha Selke’s film music was featured on the following festivals:

In January 2010, Sascha Selke’s score for the drama/thriller “South” was nominated for the Max Ophüls Award for Best Film Music at the “Max Ophüls Preis” International Film Festival, Germany.
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